Saturday, June 16, 2012

My last trips.

So I've been back in the states since Monday. As you can imagine, I'm slightly depressed. My pain is only eased by the abundance of activities in New York City.  I'm looking for work as I am contemplating returning to Europe in October. A ver. I will write in detail really soon about my trips to San Sebastian, France, and Iceland.
Hasta Luego!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Last day in Haro

I took this picture on my first visit to Haro October 3, 2012

So tomorrow will be my last day in Haro. I'll catch the bus to San Sebastian and spend my last night in Spain on the beach. I have many things to think about. Will I return? How will I return?

After a very sad weekend, I know that I want to do everything in my power to return. I will miss people in Logroño. I made a few really good friends that I will keep in contact with once I return. I had to say goodbye to one of my best friends today, but we'll see each other again.

I won't miss the city of Logroño. My heart is with Haro. Maybe I would feel the same about Logroño if I were placed in the official language school there. I write that, but I'm not entirely sure. Because I was in a small school, I had to work with less professors and so I was able to connect with them more than I would've been able to in a large school. I even became good friends with one of them. Also, I saw the same students every week. I learned their names and could confidently stop them in the streets and call them by name. I roamed around town with them, danced with them, ate dinner with them, and talked about random things and sometimes inappropriate things. I definitely made more Spanish friends in Haro. I look forward to visiting them when I return to Spain. 

Hasta pronto!
A gift from 2nd of secondary Las corazonistas

from 2nd of secondary

A jewelry box from Las Corazonistas

A gift from Amelia from EOI



Official Language School- Haro