Sunday, December 11, 2011

An ecuadorian meal

Hello all.

Last night I ate dinner with my Ecuadorian student and her friends (Ecuadorian, Colombian, Spanish, and German). They had a farewell party for German co-worker. The German girl has been in Spain since July doing an internship at a hotel for her tourism studies. We talked for a while about our difficulties with Spanish. She told me that she barely spoke or understood any Spanish when she came. After 5 months in Spain, she speaks fluently. There's hope for me!

For dinner we had tortillas, carmelized apples, pork, cranberry sauce, lettuce, and filled aguacate. And ice cream for dessert. It was yummy. I will be making this meal one day in Logroño.

After we ate, they exchanged some lovely gifts. Although I didn't know about the exchange, my student included me. How nice! She gave me a bracelet that is meant for good luck. Apparently, I'm supposed to be married after one year. Mmmk. For some reason, everyone is trying to marry me off to random Spaniards. A ver.

After the gift exchange, we played a round of a game called Parchís and then headed out to the discotheque. I had my ear plugs. :)

Since the last bus leaves Haro at 8pm, I spent the night at her apartment in a room with a her cat who was likely abused by a former owner. He didn't want to be touched. :( He just slept under my bed, and I let him be.

So here I am, tired out of my mind and preparing holiday plans. My break starts in two weeks. I'll tell you about it afterwards. ;) Some pretty spectacular things are going to happen.


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