Friday, September 30, 2011


Some people have asked why I'm in Spain. I thought I told everyone that was invited. I guess I missed a couple of people.

I am a North American culture and language assistant, and I am to serve as an ambassador for the United States. I ( and 3000 other North Americans) represent the culture of the US and I am conduct myself in a manner that makes the United States look good and in the process break cultural prejudices without being an ignorant American. Those of you who know me, know that I'll be fine in this area. I'm not extremely aggressive and so I will not push my culture or opinion on anyone. The task is to share information.

I am also here to improve my spanish communication and understanding of the Spanish culture (I will say I know quite a bit about the history and culture thanks to Jana's Spanish History class). I think I do very well at writing thanks to Professor L! When it comes to speaking, uh, no so much. But I do try, everywhere I go, I have no qualms about asking for directions in spanish and various other things. (And yes, I do know more than una más cerveza. They say caña in Spain, by the way). I have fear of trying to communicate in Spanish sometimes but not always, because I want to be multilingual. I want to finally move on from spanish and learn another language.

So now do you know why I'm here?

Oh and yeah,
some asked me about the meaning of "guiri"

Guiri, soy yo. (foreigner)

Pura vida!


Unknown said...

Yeah Bionca! this sounds so exciting. I will be keeping up with your blogs so I can learn some of the things and places you are discussing. Hey do you have skype? This is Elisha by the way...

Dbvais said...

I do! Check your email

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