Saturday, March 10, 2012


Finally! I have caught up on my blogs. woo hoo! Now I can go back to posting other randoms. :)

So I'm trying to lay low until the Easter holidays. I need to save some money to have fun during that time and also to buy a plane ticket home. It's very tough, but I believe it can happen.

So anywho...
I took a trip to Laguardia this afternoon. Laguardia is a small town 20 minutes north of Logroño. I found myself confused most of the day, because I kept seeing the words "Rioja Alavesa" posted everywhere, but I also saw Basque words written above Spanish words. It took me forever to discover that Laguardia is not apart of La Rioja, but actually belongs to the province of Álava in Basque Country (País Vasco). It is located right on the border of La Rioja and also is famous for wines. So confusing.

It is a beautiful town and has many old buildings and great pintxos (pinchos- finger foods). I walked around the outskirts to take in the landscape and also walked in the town center. I was surprised that most of the bars were open. In many other towns, all stores are closed during siesta. Laguardia is a tourism centered town so many of the main shops and bars stay open during siesta. While I was touring the town, I met a couple who lives in Vitoria. The woman is from Paraguay and the man is from Basque Country. They visited Laguardia so that they could go to a famous spa called Wine Oil. I didn't have the budget for a spa visit so I couldn't join them. We exchanged numbers though so that I can visit them in Vitoria.

After I left the spa, I did some touring and then waited for the bus to come. I have once again found a place that I want to visit again. :)


Tells of the location of the advantageous location of Laguardia
Spanish, Basque, English
Bacalao and Fanta límon. Cod and Lemon Fanta

The shoes and bags are apart of this work of art

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