Sunday, May 27, 2012

Donostia/Bilbao May 4th-6th

So I returned to San Sebastian 2 days later after the last time I was there :)

This time I met a friend who I studied with in Salamanca in 2010. He´s teaching English in Bilbao so he could tell me lots of things about Basque country. When we settled in at our hostel, we went out for tapas. I tried octopus and Basque white wine for the first time ( (txakoli-chacolí). The octopus was very good, and I liked it better than calamari.

 After we were done with tapas, we went out with some people from the hostel: a staff member, two Argentinian girls, and an American guy. The girls were there on vacation and the guy was traveling through Spain before he set off to Colombia. The guy, an actuary, was fed up with working and planned on moving to Colombia to open up a restaurant. The fact that the guy was an actuary fascinated my friend and they spent the longest time talking about the work of an actuary. I, of course have only a vague idea of what they do. Very vague...

The next day we just walked around Donostia until we caught a bus to Bilbao. When we arrived to Bilbao, we went straight to his apartment where I met his Galician roommate who is working as a clinical psychologist. After eating lunch, we made our way to the Alhóndiga to see the Fantasy film festival.
check out the website for the international shorts.

Following the festival, we went out with his Basque and Spanish friends and stayed out until 4am. That was the most fun that I've had just hanging out on the street, laughing at silly people. I realized then that I have more fun when I'm hanging out with only guys. So cool!

Because we were out late, I didn't wake up until 1pm! There wasn't much time to do a lot of walking around, but I did get to go to a Txakoli festival and to the Guggenheim museum. I wasn't able to explore more than I would've liked, but there is a small chance that I return next year.

Pura vida!

Near the Txakoli festival

the puppy in front of the Guggenheim

Inside the Guggenheim

outside the Guggenheim

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