Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sevilla Pictures (2nd week of april 2012)

I had no idea what was going on here...

Across the river is the neighborhood Triana, where flamenco was born.

Plaza de España

Plaza de España

Paella in the hostel

Because of this guy, we think of flamenco and bulls when we think of Spain
The old entrance to the Alcazar

Street of Death, where a large number of jewish people were slaughtered

The chains
A Jewish woman who committed suicide. She told her Spanish boyfriend of her father´s plan to rebel and made him promise not to tell anyone. He, of course, told his father and tons of Jewish people were slaughtered. She felt guilty and committed suicide. She asked that her head be placed in the window to show that she had disgraced her family.

Where is the head? It was taken out, because of the fear that someone would steal it.

These crosses were put her to keep people from urinating on the walls. The idea is that they would see the cross and feel God's judgement. It worked.

Some people had so much money that they could afford wheels on their house.

Pedro I de Castilla (Peter of Castille - which is now Castille y León)
This guy was also called ¨The cruel¨
Go to the link to learn about his deeds

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