Thursday, May 24, 2012

San Sebastian (Donostia)- April 30 -May 1

(Logroño is spelled wrong on this...)

So I'm finally back tell you about my trip during the first long break of the month. I've been busy organizing my trip home and pondering on whether I will stay in Spain for another year or go home and make some progress with other things. I do take a break every now and then to take my mind off of everything.

We had a break for Labor day, and I didn't want to spend it in Logroño so I took a trip to San Sebastian (Donostia). Donostia is the capital of Gipuzkoa in Basque country and is located on the coast of the Bay of Biscay. Many riojanos tell me that Donostia is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and that it is called the Seville of the north. I believe that it has the most striking, breathtaking scenery in Spain because of the teal waters of the shore near Bay of Biscay and the lush greenness of the mountains. Besides the views, Donostia has great pintxos (pinchos) and nightlife. The most popular place to eat them is in the bustling old town which is between La Concha and La Zurriola. I spent most of the time in the old town eating yummy Basque tapas and ice cream and of course drinking my beloved lemon fanta. When I left the old town, I either sat on one of the beaches or climbed Mount Urgull. I also went to the aquarium, saw the wind comb (peine del viento) and took a 45 minute boat tour that went from one beach to the other. I had such a nice time that I decided to return the following weekend.

The view on my way to the hostel.

Playa de la concha- The concha beach

Christ on top of Mount Urgull

right outside of the old town

heart of the old town

The surf beach

The gulls trying to get some treats

The port

The port

Buen Pastor Cathedral

View from Mount Urgull

I made it to Jesus! It was a look hike up with many obstacles and such

On the surf beach waiting for the sun to set


Hmm...I have an idea

From Mount urgull and right behind Christ.

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