Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sevillana Dance (April 27th)

I've been taking Sevillana dance classes in Haro since the middle of February. (It is also a type of music and how one refers to a woman from Seville.) The dance is related to flamenco and is typical of Seville but is popular in all of Andalucía. Sevillana is different from flamenco in that it is choreographed. Flamenco is improvised. When someone starts out, she or he learns the 4 sevillanas. Knowledge of sevillanas 1-4 is usually a prerequisite for advanced classes, because there are other types. The dance is called a dance of seduction. During this dance, the man is trying to woo the woman. Courtship begins in the first (la primera) and by the fourth (la cuarta) the man has won over the woman.

Although the dance is called ¨Sevillana¨ it actually originated in Castille. I've always been fascinated with flamenco and sevillana and was thrilled when of my students suggested that I try the class even though I would be four months behind the other students. It was a little difficult at first, but I eventually caught on because of the repetition. I´m still working on improving  my wrist and arm technique and marking my steps. After I have perfected sevillanas 1-4, I can start on other types. I also want to learn Flamenco.

On April 27th, I was able to show off my moves. A small bar in Haro held their own version of la feria de Abril (April fair). During la feria de abril, sevillana dancers dress up in the typical suits (traje de sevillanas) and fill the streets and bars to dance. The most popular fair is in Seville, but I was not able to attend. I was content with the fair in April. I borrowed someone's green dress and I danced the four sevillanas all night. While we were walking back from the dance, someone drived by and yelled ¨Viva España! I think they approved.  ¡Olé!

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