Friday, November 25, 2011

Día de Acción de Gracias- Thanksgiving


Yesterday I was exhausted, but this morning I was as fresh as a daisy! I taught my adult students the idiom and now I'm using it all the time. They actually have an equivalent in spanish. I'm as fresh as lettuce. Tan fresco como una lechuga. Mmmk. :|

So yesterday the Official language school had a Thanksgiving party. That is, a party without food. No turkey, no dressing, no cranberry sauce, no mashed potatoes, no green beans. No...nothing? :)
The director of the school said that we didn't have food, because students would not participate. She we would wait for the big party on Christmas. There'd better be food!

So besides the absence of a feast, the party was good. It wasn't Thanksgiving Day. It was America Day. The teachers had decorated the school in American flags, presidents, money, jerseys, Native American head dress. Every possible American thing that you can think of. Apparently, she lived in the US for quite some time and accumulated a collection of American memorabilia.

The first part of the party was more of an information session. The students played games with Thanksgiving theme and learned some really cool things about Thanksgiving. For instance...
Did you know that a spooked turkey can run 20mph?
Or how about that Truman pardoned the first turkey? (two turkeys are pardoned per year)
Or or That Benjamin Frankin named the male turkey (tom) after Thomas Jefferson. Franklin thought that the turkey was a more respectable bird...
Or that 50% of the pilgrims survived to celebrate Thanksgiving?
Or that a turkey can drown when it's raining by looking up? :D
Or that a cranberry must bounce 4 inches before it is harvested?

One of the advanced students asked me if I had to study that stuff in school. Haha.

After the fun games, we did a country line dance. Well, I did a country line dance. I found one online that seemed relatively easy. Either the dance was too hard or people were afraid to dance. I guess some people have to be drunk in order to dance. I basically did it by myself (with a cowboy hat) as I was being taped by one of the teachers. Great.

After the dancing, we sang the national anthem. The teachers handed out the lyrics, but I didn't need it. :) I sang it really loud and with my hand over my heart. It wasn't for show. It was just natural, but everyone was impressed. They love our patriotism. Coolie!

I had an awesome time with the teachers afterwards. We threw pecans and almonds on the floor to try and crack them open and talked about drinking. "How often do you get pissed, Bionca" WOW. My night ended with an interesting conversation with the director on the way home.

Although we didn't have turkey, I had a great time. I had more fun at the party (still work) sin turkey than I did in the states where I am usually working. That's progress for me.

Pura Vida!

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