Thursday, November 24, 2011

La escuela oficial de idiomas-Ejea


I'm posting less and less these days. I know. I'll try to pick up.

Ah crap. Another usage for "pick up". I've been trying to explain the difference between pick up/pick it up to the person I live with. It's difficult. Guah!

Anyway, I'll have to write more, because I love remembering small details from my classes. I laugh when I remember the crazy things that my students have said in class. I'll atleast try to start my own personal journal. But enough of that...

Zaragoza! Aragón! Zaragoza, Aragón! I went on a class field trip with the official language school on November 19th. We visited a small town called Ejea de los caballeros in the autonomous community of Aragón. The town is so small that it seemed like we rode for 2 hours to end up in the middle of nowhere. Our guests (La escuela oficial de Ejea) greeted us and gave a short presentation in English, French, and Spanish on their town and then released us to tour the museum (el museo de Aquagraria) for 2 hours. The museum was filled with equipment that was used for irrigating the land.

We also saw some videos on the importance of water, the unequal distribution of water, the history of the Ebro river, and the future of water. I think I was the only person who went around to all the video stations. I was glued to the screen. They almost left me there...

After the museum visit, we went to a park and took a loooong walk around the lake. We stopped a couple of times to watch birds around the lake.

When we made it around the lake, we walked to the restaurant. I was starving as it was 3:30pm. Only spaniards eat lunch this late! Hombre!

Lunch was very nice. I love three-course meals. Spaghetti, baked chicken legs, icecream. Oh and the drink: Wine with gaseosa. The lemon flavored water with gss makes the wine more smooth. I love it.

After lunch, we went to visit a couple of churches: Iglesia de Santa María de la Corona y Iglesia de San Salvador. The churches had a mix of baroque, roman, and gothic architecture which was very cool. I become very excited when I see it. I remember some of the characteristics of the different types of architecture from my study abroad trip to Salamanca last year.

Some people started to become bored so we went into the village and visited the Official language school. It was pretty impressive, especially for an adult language school in a very small town. We toured a little, ate a little, and talked a little. We boarded the bus for our trip back at 7pm. Fun Fun.

On the way back, we watched the move "Julie and Julia". I didn't have a chance to finish the movie, because we arrived back a little early. :( I must find and finish that movie!

Once again, I don't regret taking the trip. I met some really nice people who I plan to accompany to a small ski resort in Ezcaray. I also had a chance to bond with some of my basic 2 students. They only know a little English so I spoke a lot of Spanish. Geah! They also invited me to stay at their pisos some nights. :)

Well, I have lots more to tell you. We had a Thanksgiving party today. I'm too tired to share. I'll post about it tomorrow and post some pictures from the other events.

Pues, nada. Hasta Luego.

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