Saturday, November 26, 2011

El 25 aniversario Asociación Protectora de animales en La Rioja


Today I came across this event in the plaza near the Tourist office. It's the 25th anniversary of the Animal Protection association of La Rioja. I was on my way to buy some more post cards. I'm glad I went this way. Looks like another volunteer opportunity. They had a nice show displaying the animals that need a home. I also saw a concert, ate same tapas, and drank some wine. I went back after the siesta for the free toast (chin-chin) with white wine. Yummy. They also passed out free hot chocolate and bread. It was a nice Saturday. I love it when I come across random events. They brighten my day. :)


toasting to the 25th anniversary. chin-chin(pronounced cheen)

the second round (otra, otra, otra) -another, another, another. People were chanting for them to sing another song.

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