Sunday, February 5, 2012


So I made it to the bus in time for my 8 hour long trip to Berlin. There was bus attendant to answer questions and check on us from time to time.

We journey was 8 hours, because we stopped in lots of towns.

I used the company Berlin Linien Bus which seems to be the only company with trips from Frankfurt to Berlin and vice versa. In one of the tons, I was able to try my very first curry bratwurst. um. wow! It's just a bratwurst cut up into sections and covered in curry sauce. It was wonderful.

When I finally arrived to Berlin, I had no idea where to go. I looked for people who spoke English, but I had a hard time. The first guy at least told me about the U bahn stop that I needed to arrive at my hostel. I soon realized that I was in the middle of no where and so had to walk for a while to a Pharmacy to ask for help. Luckily, someone there spoke English.

I made my way to the hostel which is a central place but still a little hidden. I had to go through a small alley to arrive there. This was a good hostel since they make you show your id before letting you in. I checked in and put my stuff away so that I could get ready for the dance festival.

Berlin has a large argentine tango community, and had a small festival to bring them together as well as tango dancers for all over Europe. The festival was called Berlin Festivalito. The guy who organized the festival is from Ireland. He taught workshops along with a woman from Brazil ( and two couples from Berlin.
The workshops were in the afternoon and the milongas (tango dances) were at night. Between workshops there were also tango cafes which included some typical food of Argentina and practica.

I was scared out of my mind during the milongas, but I had a really good time at the workshops.

However, the dancing wasn't the best part of the trip...

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