Sunday, February 5, 2012

The ordeal in Frankfurt-Hahn Jan. 2nd.

My day back in Frankfurt was crazy!

The bus arrived in Frankfurt-Main at 4:50pm so I had time to catch the 5pm bus to Frankfurt-Hahn. What a miserable two hours! I didn't want to pay one euro to put my bag under the bus, and it didn't fit in the slots so I sat with it on my lap.

After I arrived at the airport in Frankfurt-Hahn, I was told that I needed to reserve a ticket on for the bus to Trier. The receptionist at the information desk sent me across the street to the B &B Hotel to the use internet which I had to pay 2 euros to use. This turned out to be a waste of money, because the internet was not working! The hotel receptionist didn't know what to do and simply told me she was sorry. I was pissed. How was I going to reserve a ticket if the pay-computer didn't work and the receptionist wouldn't use her computer to reserve the ticket for me?!

I dragged my stuff back across the street to speak to the receptionist at the information desk. There was a different one there. She told me that I could purchase my ticket from the bus driver. Ok.

So I went to the bus stop to wait. I waited in the COLD for 45 minutes. He arrived really early so I was excited. I asked him if I could buy a ticket, and all he said was, "I don't know, it depends." He then walked off. I was pissed. So he left me there to wait. I know he meant that it depended on how many seats were left. I was so aggravated with the entire situation and just cried there in the cold. I was so mad. I listened to my music and started to walk around to warm up. This made me feel better.

He came back 45 minutes later. Another bus driver pulled up behind him. They sat in one of the buses and chatted for 10 minutes. Afterwards, the people with reservations were allowed on the bus. There were plenty of seats left. The bus driver told me the seat would be 22 euros. um, what? On the website, the tickets costed 12 euros. I didn't have 22 euros. I was so mad. I told him that I needed to run back to the airport. He pointed to his watch and said, "I leave in five minutes." The bus was scheduled to leave at 8:45pm. I was so mad. I ran with all my stuff to the airport, with my shoestrings flying all over the place and my jacket wide open. I took some money from the ATM and ran back to the bus. I was crying the whole time. When I finally made it on the bus, I just sat there with my carryon bag on my lap. I didn't take of my jacket, my hat, my scarf, or my gloves. I just let the tears stream down my face. I was so mad. I became more upset when the bus driver didn't leave for another ten minutes.

I had an hour to calm down. When we arrived in Trier, I was emotionally and physically exhausted. I stepped off the bus, and a woman with curly hair walked up to me: "Bionca? It's Silvia. It's nice to meet you again." She gave me a big bear hug. I felt so much better. So safe. I walked up to the car and her husband, Bernd, gave me a big hug also. He put my bag in the car, and he rode off to go to their home.

Their home was so peaceful and lovely. Bernd is an electrician so he equipped the house with power saving devices. He showed me my room and bathroom on the top floor and all of the automatic lights. After I put my things up, I went to sit with them downstairs in the kitchen. I sat in the den with my feet on the heated floor. Silvia made me some tea, and we talked about my travels and my horrible day. She also showed me some of her photos from her travels with her husband and son. I felt so blessed to be some where warm and safe. I also felt blessed that Silvia and Bernd trusted me in their nice home.

They had to work early, so we didn't stay downstairs for long. Silvia sent me upstairs with water and boxes of sweets and encouraged me to enjoy the television. Instead of watching television, I rested for my next big adventure: discovering Trier.

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