Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Last Day in Trier (Jan. 5)

I didn't do much on my last day in Trier. I just walked around the center and went on a short train tour called the Roman Express. It was 35 minutes and was not worth the 7 euros. blah. Oh well, I was able to rest my feet for a while and sit in a heated area.

The Roman Express

After the tour, I walked some more and had a bratwurst for the last time. :( I also purchased a bottle of wine for Silvia and Bernd. I knew it was white, but I didn't know that "trocken" means "dry". I was lucky because they loved the wine. I actually loved it too. We drank the wine while we made and ate raclettes (switzerland) and talked about the next time that I will return to Trier.

Materials to make a raclette

Until next time, Trier. :(

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