Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day trip to Luxembourg (Jan. 4 2012)

I had to wake up early for my trip to Luxembourg. I dragged out of bed, but I eventually dressed myself to make it downstairs to a breakfast that Silvia prepared for me. It was toast with jam and a nice drink that I can't remember the name of. She said she prepared the same breakfast for her son when he lived at home. Yum!

Silvia drove me to a small city called Wasserbillig. The train from Wasserbillig to Luxembourg only takes 30 minutes.

In the train

Ticket from Luxembourg to Trier

All-day ticket to Luxembourg (train and bus)

Welcome to Luxembourg!

When I arrived it to Luxembourg, I ate breakfast and then did some exploring.

Luxembourg is precious. Around 500,000 people live in this country and 60% of the people are immigrants. More than half of the immigrants are from Portugal. They went to Luxembourg and helped build the banks. Luxembourg depends on foreigners. Because of this, the kids grow up learning many different languages. Their principal language is Luxembourgish which is a mix of french and german. The children also learn french and german. This allows the people to live in peace with the immigrants from the neighboring countries. When the children become older, they start learning English. Wow!

So I used the map Silvia gave me to find the tourist office. I signed up for a 2 hour tour of Luxembourg city. I have to specify, because the country Luxembourg has a city called Luxembourg. :)

When I signed up for the tour, it was 10:30am, so I had to do some more exploring. I felt like I walked to all corners of the city. I was looking or English schools, because I wanted to send in my resume. I had decided in my first 2 hours there that I wanted to stay.

When I did the tour, we went to some of the same places that I had explored. So now I could just learn about the places that I had already visited. I also met some people from the United States and Australia. The Australian woman told me that she liked my Georgian accent. What? I never let people hear my accent. I have it hidden, but sometimes it slips out.

Water is a little high! This is where young professionals live in the old part of town.
Reminds me of the beginning of la herradura in Haro

Palace of the Grand Dukes
Inside of the Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral next to the library


After the tour, I visited more English schools and purchased some post cards. Later that evening, I caught the train to Trier. By the time that I arrived to Trier, the regular bus had stopped. I would've walked to Silvia's house, but it was raining. I caught a bus to Porta Nigra and called Silvia to help me. She was on her way home and so picked me up. We made it home and I waited around in the kitchen for dinner.

For dinner, we had a meal from France: Quiche. Oh so yummy!

After dinner, I prepared myself for my last full day in Trier. :(

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