Sunday, February 5, 2012


Outside of window of my room

In the morning, Silvia gave me directions to the city bus stop, and I made my way into the center of Trier.
The Mosel river

Trier is a very important city, but not many people know about it. It is the oldest city in Germany and lies along the Mosel river. It's part of the Mosel wine region. It was once part of the Roman Empire and did not become part of the German empire until the late 1800s. Some of the famous landmarks in Trier are the Trier cathedral, the Church of our lady, the Porta Nigra, the Basilica, and the Kaiserthermen.

Map of the city

My first stop was the tourist office right next to the Simeonstift museum and the Porta Nigra. I had to buy a map, because the office doesn't provide free maps. That's a first for me.
I took the number 2 bus to the Porta Nigra

From the Porta Nigra

Because it was raining, I decided to tour the museum and the Porta Nigra. I first went into the Porta Nigra and felt crazy about paying to walk inside an empty gate. :/ Although I complained a little, I enjoyed it.
And there it is. "The black gate" once was white. It became black during medieval times.

Nice views from the Porta Nigra

After the Porta Nigra, I went to the museum, and I was in there for a very long time. The Stadtmuseum Simeonstift has displays that illustrate the history of Trier. I'm really bad in museums, because I just have to read everything. It turned out to be a good thing, because the rain had stopped by the time I exited.

The woman with the cross is the mother of Constantine, St. Helena.

In the museum on the stools. Where was the oldest and largest Roman camp north of the Alps?
You are banned if you don't know the answer!

I went walking through the city center, looking for the other landmarks.

The cathedral of Trier- Roman style- where Constantine built his church

The cathedral is connected to the Church of Our Dear Lady (The Liebfrauenkirche) -gothic style

It was way too cold to find them all and a little dark so I decided to leave them for another day.

Oh yeah! The EuroShop. I don't recommend buying batteries from here...

Spanish wine in the EuroShop?

Around here is where I gave a Brazilian man and his daughter the direction to the Karl Marx haus

Don't let this fool you, the weather was horrible. I ended up here while looking for the bus.

I ate a bockwurst and went back to Silvia and Bernd's house and waited for them to return.
Silvia cooked a small dinner of pasta and beef (essentially hamburger helper) and we all sat with our feet on the heated floor and talked about our day. Silvia had also prepared a surprise for me... (next post)

Why was the Trier revolution in 1848 "the worst point in the province"?

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