Thursday, October 13, 2011

Black and Brown are the not the same thing...

So before I tell you about my conversation on the bus, let me tell you about yesterday.

I did indeed have a lazy day. I slept in late. I ate lunch with the family that I'm staying with and then skipped the siesta to play with the 6 year old boy, Andrés. Wow, what an imagination he has! We played frisbee until I of course threw it in someone else's yard. Silly me. He then invented a game using a cardboard box. He put three holes in the box and labeled the 10, 20, 30. We sat on basketballs in the grass and tried to throw a marble in the holes. He threw the marble in the 30 hole, but I could not. When he detected that I was becoming bored with the game, he decided that we would play English word/Spanish word on the board. This game was followed by a leggo game in which we built a castle and then made paths for a marble to follow. I really became bored with this game so we started to build castles with playing cards and then we had a battle in which each of us slid cards across the moats to destroy each other's castle. Fun stuff.
Later that evening, I had a drink with a friend and ate my first kebab at Doner Kebab.

I sat next to a lady on the bus today who noticed my black sweater against y brown skin and smiled. She said, "Look at your sweater, and look at your skin. They are not the same. Black is not brown.(los marrones no son los negros) I have a granddaughter with brown skin like yours. When people see her, they a say 'oh you are so pretty, where are you from?' and she tells them 'soy español, soy de España.'

When people refer to me here, they usually say the black girl (la negra) like they do in the US. The Brazilian woman that owns the last hostel that I stayed in spoke to a family over the phone (the family that I live with now) and told them how to distinguish me from the others at the bus station. She said, "Es una morena (dark skinned) con gafas negras (black glasses)"

Just something interesting...

Pura Vida!

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