Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So I move on November 1st. I know I said that I would probably rent a room in a piso and buy my own food, because it would be cheaper.Well, it's not. I calculated everything, and it would still be more expensive. I'm going to rent a room from another family that lives much closer to the bus station. I won't have to wait 15 minutes on the bus in the cold. As soon as my bus arrives back in Logroño, I can walk 3 minutes to my house. The family that I'm going to move with consists of a couple and 3 boys of ages four, six, and nine. Hello! I'm going to share a bathroom with the boys. Let's see how this works out. I don't want to leave the little girl, but I must. :(

When she hears me come in she says "Bionca, bionca, bionca. ¿qué haces?" (what are you doing). When she wants to play, she starts pointing to stuff and asks, "qué es eso? qué es eso?" (What is that?) Also, last week we were outside playing in the yard when a neighbor came out. She called the little girl, "Frida. Frida." Frida ran up to me, and she leaned against my legs as if to say "who is that women?" Tear.

I will miss her.


P.S. I live with a 6 year old boy too. I just can't seem to get a picture of him, because I never see him.

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