Sunday, October 2, 2011

In Logroño!

The view from my hostel yesterday

Hello all!
I arrived in Logroño yesterday by bus. The ride from Madrid to Logroño was 4 hours without any stops. I was irritated for most of the bus ride, but I will put that in my private journal. :/
I absolutely love Logroño and think I may want to stay here. It depends on the bus schedule and my school schedule. I do not think I want to spend 10 hours a week commuting. I will figure that out soon enough.
Logroño reminds me of Salamanca alot. The town seems to have the same layout. At night, the surrounding streets become very calm and quiet while the center of the city, the Plaza, has bustling crowds on every alleyway. I was a litte surprised and creeped out, however, to have a 70 year old man waiting outside the bus station for me, grinning and asking me to have a drink (tomar algo) I told him I was waiting for my friend (she was in the restroom) and then I competely ignored him when he would not leave. He walked off right before Laura came back.
We caught a taxi to a student residence and settled in. That night, Laura and I walked around time and went to to the Plaza to have two glasses of red wine (vino tinto), mushrooms (champiñones), ham croquettes (croqueta de jamón), and stuffed mushrooms (pimientos rellenos). We then met up with some of the other language assistants (auxiliares de conversación) and I did my normal antisocial gig. I try. I really do. It depends on the person.

Today, I am in another hostel that is closer to the bus station and the center of the city. I have already had coffee (café con leche), a muffin (called magdalenas), a piece of cake(not cake, but it tasted like cake), ham sandwich (sandwich de jamón), tortilla española, and lemon fanta ( fanta límon). Well, I had the offbrand kind, Kas límon.

After I finish sending some emails, I will look for apartments (pisos) and go visit the town of haro. Hopefully, I can find a place today. A ver ( We will see)

Pura Vida!

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